New Year Resolutions

Whether you want to resist or see the opportunity in using resolutions for New Years – please take the first of the year to try life anew. See me in a new light and see yourself in a new light. Whether its the new year, 2008, or just the beauty of a new day – it is in fact another opportunity at living the best life you can. 

Doesn’t Matter ~

    Not to be mad about stuff that in the long run doesn’t really matter. I let my feelings get hurt with situations, words, and actions of others who have no intention of hurting me. Without intention, why should we let it hurt us? With love, compassion, and respect present, we never intend to hurt each other. There is only love.

My Best ~

    Do my best because that’s all I can do. Put passion into dishes, schoolwork, friendships, conversations, goals, etc. Anything worth doing should be done to our personal ‘best’.

Create ~ 

    Creativity is life. I aim to be more creative with life and my happiness. I want to sing again – in the shower, while cleaning, while thinking. I want to paint and draw and shoot photos for no other reason than ‘I feel like expressing my creativity’. We were created and so we should continue to create. A worksheet on excel – a poem – a letter to a lover – a page in a story read thoroughly – a dessert made perfectly, etc.

Opportunity ~

    See every moment as a new opportunity for change. People respectfully express areas of my personality that are challenging. Rather than resist suggestions and have the ‘take me as I am’ attitude, I should see it as an opportunity for growth and progression. When somebody struggles with me during a conversation where my stubborn nature builds a wall – I should let down my wall and visualize their struggle. These opportunities only make life easier for me in all relationships.

Compassionate Journey ~

    I want to look at people with compassionate eyes and respect that their journey is different than mine. Compassionately and respectfully, I feel honored ‘you’ share your journey WITH me. We are all sooo different and I constantly must remind myself not to expect ‘one’ person to share in ‘all’ my experiences. We’re just too different. Rather than go against the grain with a person, I should let that person be the strong person they started out being and find another way to experience what is important to me – the individual.

When struggling at work, remind yourself it’s HIS life your boss is living, not yours. Recognize in others how you don’t want to be then feel compassion for their struggle. Rather than react with feelings of abandonment towards those who don’t have much time to spend with you, step back and realize they’re coming from a place of love. They’re not intentionally avoiding you but struggling with allocating their time to do all the things they wish to enjoy. After all, it is THEIR time they SHARE with us. Of course this resolution comes with respectful limits. There comes a time in people’s relationships – work, lovers, etc. – where one may intend to deceive the other and pain is intended. It is at that time the purpose of that relationship needs re-evaluating.

Communication ~

    Communicate rather than react. Communication saves us from pain and misunderstanding. Just like the first resolution – where there is no intention to hurt somebody, there should be no hard feelings – I aim to put into practice this notion with each experience in my life. There is only Love and Fear. Choose LOVE; communicate LOVE; Embody LOVE; hear only LOVE.

Contentment ~

    I love Ireland. I just watched a movie last night which I request you see – PS, I Love You. In this movie, partially set in Ireland, I was reminded of the simplicity of life in Ireland. The hospitality, the beauty, the respect for every job and person, and so on. Everyday after work, locals head to the pub. They drink a pint of Guinness and shoot the breeze before going home to prepare dinner, watch the sun set, take a walk on the countryside, and go to bed so they can wake up and do it again. Ireland marks a content simplicity I envy but a contentment I will achieve. Each day of this next year is a new opportunity for that ‘someday’ to be ‘today’.

I need to lead a healthy life for the sake of my longevity but I also realize I cannot be crazed in the very attempt at achieving balance. If I struggle to be raw all the time, then I also struggle at emotional health because some foods bring me emotional pleasure. If I struggle about my relationship with God, then I struggle with my spiritual health. So I aim to do my best physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. With these in a healthy balance – I am healthy. I am happy.

I am love. I am beauty. I am happiness embodied.

~Stephanie of Bare Necessities Cafe

(the above began as a letter to a loved one and ended up a message to everyone)

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