My Juice Feast

I’m starting a 60-90 day juice feast 04 December 2007. Depending on whether or not I can keep up with 4-6 quarts of juice per day will determine the length of my feast. I will blog daily on my journey so keep watch of the Calendar. Click on each day to see what juices I’ve consumed and how I’m feeling.

 What is Juice Feasting?

Fasting has much to do with deprivation and feasting is just as it sounds – PLENTIFUL. While juice feasting, you need to drink at least one gallon of freshly made fruit and/or veggie juices daily – to include one head of celery and 2 lbs. leafy greens. This is in addition to your water consumption. Also known as juice flushing, this quantity of juice helps maintain your daily calorie requirements, enables the body to detox, rebuild, and rejuvinate your body’s cells, and helps maintain body weight. Juice feasting also enables a person to fast/feast/flush for longer periods of time. See Nutrient Dense Nutrition and Raw Reform Blog in our Links section for more yummy details.

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