Raw and Living Nutrition

Raw and Living Food is a bountiful group of food consisting of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains that have never been cooked.  Nothing is heated above 118ºƒ at which point essential vitamins, minerals, and ALL enzymes are destroyed.  By not heating your food, all the natural enzymes are left alive and intact to help rebuild and repair your body’s cells.

Experience better health immediately after incorporating more raw and living food into your daily diet. Better moods, increased energy, detoxification, stronger immunity, and many even recover from diseases said to have no cure. Your body works more efficiently when eating raw and living foods; Digestion improves, absorption is maximized, and blood sugar levels balance. Another wonderful benefit to eating raw foods is your weight becomes a perfect fit for your frame. Many people have recovered from obesity by eating 100% raw foods.

Beyond the apparent health benefits, eating a diet of raw and living food provides you a level of love, energy, and life that is unsurpassed. These foods are biologically sound and vibrationally rich sources of energy.

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