rebuilding and beautiful!

Ok, so I’m on Day 15 here. Halfway through! I’ve started to notice some good signs of rebuilding and cleansing. The main thing is my eyes. Even though I’m still waking up crusty in the mornings, my eyes are very clear, the whites very bright, and the brown is getting more ‘color-ful’ rather than just looking dark. My nails have shown improvements too. They’re still ridged, but they’re growing well(despite doing dishes at work) and they have a sheen too. That’s been my first big sign of goodness. Sometimes we get so bogged down at all the icky symptoms of detox, we fail to see the little signs of repair. Not me! I’ve decided I need to get a little more sleep at night. I think my running a couple times a week is making deep sleep much more of a necessity. I have yet to get to the point where I only need a few hours a night for maximum energy, as I did on my last cleanse. Its been an interesting lesson in observation, comparing my fast last january to this one. Nothing is the same. Well, nothing except for a better me!

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