And I’m done!

Today is Day 1 of phase 2 of my ‘take care of tdee’ plan. I finished up Day 30 of my cleanse with a 5mile run, a good workout at the gym and a coffee enema. It was the first time I had tried coffee, not sure how I feel about it. My biggest question is, dont you get a lot of caffeine into the system that way? I would imagine its absorbed directly through the colon wall. All I know is I didnt sleep well last night at all. I couldnt fall asleep, there was a pretty big storm last night and the rain on our skylight in the bathroom was keeping me up. Normally I wake up feeling a little rough after a big workout day, but this was above and beyond. However, my eyes were all crusty again, so I’m wondering if the coffee enema didnt set off another level of healing crisis. TGIF!

I feel really good about finishing my cleanse. Its definitely a big accomplishment for me. While there were a few challenges for me to face, overall it wasnt too difficult. I think its far more difficult to remain healthy in the solid food world. You cant juice a chocolate bar, after all! Here are a few thoughts from along my journey.
-Ive gotten used to coconut water. The Harvest Bay stuff I drink after my runs is a great way to rehydrate. I’m not a huge fan of the taste, I love just plain raw coconut, but its still way better than gatorade!
-Tomato juice is my friend! Juicing tomatoes isnt the greatest thing in the world, so I conceeded with canned tomato juice. In a lot of tough situations, having a can on hand was a life saver.
-enemas are still weird.
-Rest is VITAL. I notice my body detoxes much easier and gentler when it is rested.
-yoga is important. I didnt do nearly as much as I did last january, and I can tell. The body likes to stretch, even if it seems resistant to it. The simple breathing exercises of yoga are so important for lymph stimulation. That said, I ran this fast and didnt the last. Yes, it took a little more of my energy reserves, but the bouncing did wonders for the body. Besides, it got me breathing deep in the outdoors, not just sweating it out in a gym.
-Find a routine that works for you and then modify when necessary. My days usually looked like:
first thing in the morning, water or tea
around 12-1, my tomato juice
get home from work around 3, make a qt of juice(recipe varied)
one box of coconut water after run
1/2 qt of some other juice later(cranberry or orange generally)
water before bed

So I was able to work in just about 2qts a day. This worked for me. It was still WAY more juice than I was consuming last fast. I was able to worry about getting the boys off to school and getting me to work in the mornings and not worry about juicing for the day(not tremendously a morning person, so coherent thought is iffy!), and then take my time with my big juice for the day in a quiet house when I got home from work. My evenings are always varied, so leaving them kinda open made me less stressed. I was able to relax, most importantly.

So there’s my notes from the road. These past 30 days have totally been worth it. I’m a stronger, happier, more positive person. I’m grounded and centered spiritually. I’m alert and my thinking is clear. I have great energy, and my skin, eyes, and hair glow. I think I’ve dropped roughly 20lbs(not positive since there was no initial weigh in) which is what I did last year. So not too much, not too little. I’m so excited about my sauerkraut tonight!




  1. February 3, 2008 at 10:34 am

    Most excellent journal Tdee. Thank you for sharing it with me. I’ve decided something … I’m going to run a marathon. How does one find a marathon to run? Even the Boston one – I could train for it then fly to you and run it with you! Not this year… maybe the next?!?
    Lemme know your thoughts and experience on it.


  2. firechild said,

    February 3, 2008 at 1:25 pm

    Hey no problem! My journey back into the eating world is going to be somewhat of an adventure, too! I’ve been consorting with some folks on the Give it to Me Raw website about raw athletics, so I’ve been encouraged to keep up a primarily raw life, at least until the half marathon! Trying to fit it all into my VERY social world will be the trick. I know I’ll never be 100%, I like my beer way too much, how bad does that sound? lol.

    Congrats on your decision to run a marathon! I dont desire to do 26.2 miles, its a challenge to do 13.2! I’d love to run a 1/2 with you, if you want to go that route. Galen and I used to talk about meeting up all over the country just to run together, I always thought that was such a cool idea. Check out they usually have listings for all sorts of races. I use a training program from to figure out how much to run and when. I sure miss my German gauntlet though!


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