Firechild – Day 8

Day 8, woo hoo! I’ll write more later…just a question for now…how does soda water/mineral water factor in? I’m trying to plan ahead for social(bar) outings, and I could totally manage on soda water with lime if that wouldnt be breaking my fast. What’s the word?

Still searching for an enema kit…



Firechild – Day 7

Day 7! Yay! Made it through my first week of cleanse. Already I’m feeling a lot better. I’ve managed to get in 2qts of juice yesterday and today as well, yay! I had a ton of energy at work today, its totally worth it. Last night I came up with an interesting juice, orange/carrot/red leaf lettuce. Actually pretty tasty. Taking tomato juice to work with me is proving most beneficial. Granted, its not fresh squeezed or juiced, but its convenient and helps keep me on track. Today when I got home I made 1qt of grapefruit/orange/lime/romaine. The lettuce helped mellow the tartness of the grapefruit. And I’m getting my greens in! I’ll have coconut water after my run later, and then finish the night with teas. Pineapple/green is on the menu for tomorrow, lets see what else the grocery store is offering fresh and yummy. Doing GREAT!

Firechild – 5 miles

Yay, I did a 5mile run/walk and I feel GREAT! Currently celebrating with my pineapple/greens(combo bag of collards, spinach, mustard and turnip greens)/parsley/ginger/lime juice. Decided to pretty it up in a fancy hurricane glass with some ice. Yum!

So I officially weighed. 205,which means probably about 208 for starters. Which is exactly where I started last year’s january fast. Its frustrating, because I feel like I didnt make enough post-fast changes, but I keep trying. I’m hoping the additional goal of the marathon will help keep me motivated and on a healthier track.

I’m going to look into an enema kit this week. I have a feeling that once I get over the initial ‘hello you’re giving yourself an enema crazy girl’ feeling that I’ll be able to appreciate the benefits.


Firechild – Day 5

Hey thanks for the sites! What inspiration! Day 5 here, still cruisin. I have sore quads, yesterday and today. Toxin buildup…I remember from last january this happened. That and monthly cramps sent me to the tub for a nice hot bath…ahh…feeling better! Going to go over to the track later today and do a little run/walking, see how my body feels. I feel the need to bounce a little, shake up the system, get the lymph flowing. Got to almost 2 qts yesterday, about a cup shy. Had 1 qt Apple/carrot/celery, then had orange/grapefruit/lime last night. I’m trying my best to drink juice when I’m thirsty. I will pick it up to 2 qts/day this week. Did a salt water flush this morning, yucky but productive. I think I really need to get over myself and start with enemas this cleanse.

Taking my little monkey to the store for veggies later…how I miss those saturday markets!

Firechild – Day 4

Well, I’m on Day 4 of my cleanse and its going well. I started off with a commercial cleanse system a week ago, so I think that’s helped a lot. Day 2 I went into full blown healing crisis with sinus pressure and congestion like you would not believe. I think it was my body’s way of telling me its wanting to get rid of all the crap in my system. Working at starbucks has been somewhat detrimental to my system. Where I had relatively no dairy in my life before(aside from pizza maybe once a month), I would have one or two dairy drinks a week. Just before I started the cleanse I was noticing joint issues and some old injuries speaking up that hadnt happened in forever. Since starting on the precleanse, about 80 percent of that has cleaned up! Yay!

You’ll be happy to know I’m taking it easy this first week of the cleanse. I’m going to go out for a walk later today(cold air and congestion, maybe I’ll be able to breathe better by the end), but aside from that and work, I’m taking it really easy. Only downside is I have no clue of my starting weight since the only scale I use is the one at the gym. I’ll check it next week though.

As usual, my issue is with consuming enough juice. I end up with about a quart and a half by the end of the day. I just dont have the hunger for more. I drink tons of water and teas, because my body, especially with the congestion, says I’m thirsty. Its just hard to reprogram your body to eat only for hunger(one of the reasons I do the cleanse) when you’re almost force feeding juices to it. I try to make my juices as nutrient dense as possible however. My pineapple/green juice is once again a favorite of mine, as is the old standard of apple/carrot/celery. I picked up the coconut waters too. I will bring them to work with me in case I get hungry or tempted there.

That brings a question: what about decaf coffee? I am avoiding all caffeine and giving my adrenals a much needed break, but is decaf coffee similar to decaf teas? Or should I just not bother with it at all?

Thanks for looking up raw athlete resources for me! I’m excited to hear what you find!

Coated Tongue Junkie,

Firechild – Happy New Year

I’m very excited about starting my journey tomorrow! I think what I’m going to do is juice fast for 30 days, then feast for another 10-14 days after, to start my metabolism back up, but to keep my focus and ‘food empowerment’ in check. Ideally, I’d love to go completely raw til my 1/2 marathon in March, but I dont really know how that would work with the last few hard weeks of training. Do you know of any resources I can look up for that kind of info?

Happy New Year!

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