actual conversation today…

So everyone at work knows about my fast. They see me drinking my tomato juice on my break and know that I’ve only been having the occasional black decaf aside from teas. Its not been too much of a problem, I’ve gotten to educate and answer a lot of questions, but sometimes, folks just dont get it. Tonight I was at a restaurant(for a friend’s bday) and enjoying my hot water with lemon and a few questions came up…here’s the gist of the conversation:

-how many more days do you have?
–my last day is thursday, I’ll head back to solids on friday
-you must be excited!
–definitely! I feel great and I have my whole superbowl snack planned!
-really? what sort of goodies are you going to have?
–I’m making some guacamole stuffed tomatoes and marinated portobello mushrooms
-ok…that still sounds really healthy though…
–it is, but its delish and I’m looking forward to it.
-ok…but dont you want to indulge in something?
–what do you think I’m doing? I LOVE marinated mushrooms!
-you’re not going to have nachos with cheese and salsa? that’s pretty healthy…
–well, the salsa is ok, if I make it, but the cheese and chips would probably make me ill.
-oh. so are you always going to be like this? *looks doubtfully at me*
–I hope so!

I learned that with some things, ya gotta just lead by example…