Good morning Day 27

Day 27, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I could do this fast longer, no doubt. And its not that I dont enjoy it. On the contrary, I’ve gotten into a nice little routine and juicing fits into my life quite nicely. I have no problem with the social pressures of eating(and eating crap at times). I went to a birthday party yesterday and passed up both pizza and carvel ice cream cake(my favorite). I havent been hit by the ‘just gotta chew something’ blues, and my hunger has only just started to return in little bits here and there. I’m ready, however, to move on. To get to the next phase of my health and all the challenges it will bring.

I’m inspired to start eating again, and finding really nutritious an nourishing goodies that I hadnt heard of before. The natural food store I travel to down at the beach is like a trip to disney land for me. They have all kinds of raw goodies and fabulous produce. Yesterday I picked up some yummy looking raw sauerkraut that will be my first meal, dinner on Friday night.

My next goal is auditions for a musical, coming up in a couple weeks. I want to retain the vitality and energy that I’ve gained through this fast, so I’m going to work to stay 100% raw(aside from two preplanned days) until then.

But first, the next few days. I think I was liver detoxing last night, I had some crazy dreams that had my adrenaline really pumping. Seeing that the liver has to process hormones, I’m guessing a bunch got dumped yesterday. My 6mile run yesterday was almost easy! To the point that I want to retrace the route with my car because it felt too short. Woo hoo! With this reenergized body, the 1/2 marathon will be far easier to accomplish than the last one. Though I’d give anything to run on the 7mile trail on Ramstein AB again. I love the flatness of this area when it comes to running, but the challenges of the valleys on that trail really let me feel the accomplishment!


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