Awesome day!

Yesterday was probably the best day of this whole cleanse. I had soooo much energy I got accused of relapsing and hitting the espresso by more than one person. I was literally pinging off the walls. My mood was fabulous. Couldnt find anyone to go out with last night, so I went out by myself for some karaoke and was nabbed as soon as I walked in the door and complimented about my great smile and personality. I just felt great! I really believe since I started with the lower bowel tonic and am starting to be more regular and cleanse more effectively, my body has improved by leaps and bounds. Oh, and I can BREATHE! December was such a congested month for me, it seemed like my nose was always stuffed up. This I blame on the 1-2 dairy drinks I had a week. That should be a public service announcement or something. YOU CAN CRAP UP YOUR BODY WITH DAIRY SOOOO EASILY! I dont ever want to feel like that again. I am empowered now, the transformation over the past 25 days is just insane. Totally a different person in this body, and I’m going to be fiercely protective of this new me!

Oh, and another realization….this whole time, I didnt chew a single piece of gum. Amazing for me, right? My hubby always says I should have stock in Dentene Ice gum because of how many packs I go through in a week. I was reading something about the chewing action getting the digestive juices going and sparking digestion, so I decided to try it without. I think its really made a HUGE difference. I dont have the massive desire to chew something, like a lot of folks do. I dont have to deal with the bloat from excess air that chewing gum causes. And my digestive system has truly gotten to REST, most importantly. Yay!


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  1. January 27, 2008 at 10:53 am

    Wonderful Tdee. I wanted to go out for karaoke too. You shoulda stopped by California! Heehee. Have a great day and enjoy the bliss.

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