One more detox crisis…

Ok, so day 23 here, I’m in the home stretch! And of course my body wants to make sure I’m cleansed. I’m detoxing nicely now, unfortunately its chosen exit route from my body is my skin. My face is all mottled complexion, and I have a few pimples here and there. Annoying, but I can live with it. The rest of me feels GREAT! I’ve entered into that high energy phase, I’m needing less sleep(except on my long run days), and overall I have this inner stillness, a wonderful sense of centeredness….if that’s a word, lol. One bonus I’ve discovered is I can crochet all day without my wrists acting up. That’s HUGE! Especially since I have 3 more blankets to do in the next coming month or so. My tendonitis is quieted, that in itself is a big incentive to continue on a path of wellness.

Oh, and I noticed the other day, my feet have shrunk. My work shoes, which fit nicely with my sport socks, had to be tightened through the entire lacing. I’m guessing I was holding a ton of fluid/toxic material. I dont have the pains I was having after standing on my feet at work all day, either. WHY DOESNT EVERYONE DO THIS AND REAP THE REWARDS???

Bring it on!