Day 22

Done.  No sweat!  I discovered a simple and yummy juice tonight, grapefruit & romaine.  The lettuce really cuts the sour/tartness of the grapefruit really well.  Yay! New juices!

 So its pretty much a waiting game now…8 days to go, let the body clean itself up a little more.  Right now my skin is breaking out, not sure if that’s detox or impending PMS.  Perhaps a little of both.  I’ll wait it out and see.  At least I’m getting my bowels to start behaving.  After the beet/carrot/apple/pear juice last night, the prune juice this morning, and Dr. Christopher’s LB, things were starting to move today.  Lots of unwelcome mucus.  I was headachey all day, but I think that’s because I kicked my body into another level of cleanse.  I can deal.

My main thought is ‘what will I break my fast with?’.  I’m thinking a nice little bowl of sauerkraut.  Heaven knows after 4 years in Germany, I’m in love with the stuff.  What do you think Ms. Rawesome?  Any other suggestions?

Discovered a new website for post-cleanse support and community.  Check it out!



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