Day 21

Morning time here on day 21 and all is well. I’ve taken to 8oz of prune juice in the morning to try to help the elimination issues. (TMI FOLLOWS)I think my body is on the verge of breaking loose some really toxic stuff, and that’s backing things up a bit. Did an enema yesterday and it was just foul what came out of me. The massage on Saturday has definitely been beneficial, I feel like things have been reawakened a little.(END OF TMI) For the last week I’m going to start taking Dr. Christopher’s LB Formula to help strengthen and tone the bowel and get peristalsis back up to par. That’s part of my transistion into phase two of ‘Take care of Tdee’.

I dont think I’ll be doing the 10 day juice feast I was originally contemplating. Life’s about to get a lot busier, and I’m having a tough time getting 2qts in as it is. I’m being realistic. So I’m going to go 100%raw for another week, then shoot for about 80% or so until auditions on the 17th, just to maintain my energy levels and vitality. Weighed in the other day, I’m down to 196, so approx 12lbs lost(not sure since I never had an initial weigh in). I’m starting to include weight training into my exercise routine so that I can jump back in once Im done fasting full force and not have all the discouraging muscle soreness.

I’m looking forward to trying new things when I get done with the fast, been reading lots of inspiring stories and yummy recipies. Been cooking for the boys A LOT, which they like, to help with my restlessness and need to create. Then I leave the house while they eat, or go upstairs and take a long hot bath or something. So my nose gets to eat a lot, lol!


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