Day 19!

So, this weekend actually went really well. I made juice for the 4 1/2 hour road trip, to have when we stopped for dinner for the boys. No problem there. Got to mom’s and had some tea and all was well. Saturday I started the day with a great session with my friend who’s a massage therapist. I’m feeling much better, and although I still have elimination issues, I can definitely feel some stimulation after all the deep tissue work and reiki she did for me. Going to tackle the issue with some prune juice the next few days. So I got home, had some tomato juice, and relaxed with my niece til the dinner. Went, had my green tea and a glass of perrier with lime, and enjoyed the hibachi show. Everything smelled good, but I wasnt hungry, and I registered that, so I didnt need to eat. This is a HUGE accomplishment for me. Went home last night and made romaine/apple/carrot juice in mom’s juicer. Today we went out for breakfast to the local truckstop(its a tradition) and I did fine too. That wasnt nearly a challenge because it is quite the greasy spoon anyway. Though Bob did order a yummy looking potato/onion/pepper smash that I might have to try somewhere down the road…way down the road, lol. After all my good behavior I rewarded myself with a decaf coffee at my favorite bohemian coffee shop and read some natural living publishings. Then I went to the fabulous health food store mom has nearby and got some great looking orange beets and carrots for this week, and some precut organic pineapple/strawberry mixes that I juiced for my ride back tonight. And then I hit the juice bar(yay!) and had my first taste of wheatgrass in a carrot/beet/celery/green apple juice. Not bad, but I can understand why folks only drink it in 1oz shots!

So I’m very proud of my handling of what could have been a disastrous situation. Mom was very impressed and inspired, which is always good, since she desparately needs some cleansing. I think this fast I’ve definitely been able to do a lot more inner work than I was capable of last year. For the most part that’s been a great thing, but of course, the more you clean up the insides, the more stuff you discover that needs cleansing. This has led to a lot of emotional/mental work for me, but I think I can handle the challenge. Physically, the mucus in my chest is finally coming free in coughs and my tongue/teeth are eternally coated. If it means I’m healthier when its through, so be it. I can easily do this for 11 more days! Bring it on!