Firechild – Day 9

Day 9 here. Having a low energy day. Came home from work and passed out on the couch for a power nap before the kids got home. I have a fully coated tongue to deal with today, yummy, and my eyes are gooey. And my hands are ice. Well, I know, it cant all be big energy and fun and games. The body’s gotta cleanse, after all. I’m taking it easy though…no run, I’ll wait til tomorrow. So tonight is homework videos and crochet evening, and I’ll probably call it by 11, rather than 1230. Pretty close to my 2qts today, tomato at work, then 1qt of carrot/apple/celery/romaine this afternoon. I have a melon/berry fruit cup that I’m going to juice up in a little bit for my last 1/2 qt. I’m doing something right!


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