Firechild – Day 5

Hey thanks for the sites! What inspiration! Day 5 here, still cruisin. I have sore quads, yesterday and today. Toxin buildup…I remember from last january this happened. That and monthly cramps sent me to the tub for a nice hot bath…ahh…feeling better! Going to go over to the track later today and do a little run/walking, see how my body feels. I feel the need to bounce a little, shake up the system, get the lymph flowing. Got to almost 2 qts yesterday, about a cup shy. Had 1 qt Apple/carrot/celery, then had orange/grapefruit/lime last night. I’m trying my best to drink juice when I’m thirsty. I will pick it up to 2 qts/day this week. Did a salt water flush this morning, yucky but productive. I think I really need to get over myself and start with enemas this cleanse.

Taking my little monkey to the store for veggies later…how I miss those saturday markets!

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