Firechild – 5 miles

Yay, I did a 5mile run/walk and I feel GREAT! Currently celebrating with my pineapple/greens(combo bag of collards, spinach, mustard and turnip greens)/parsley/ginger/lime juice. Decided to pretty it up in a fancy hurricane glass with some ice. Yum!

So I officially weighed. 205,which means probably about 208 for starters. Which is exactly where I started last year’s january fast. Its frustrating, because I feel like I didnt make enough post-fast changes, but I keep trying. I’m hoping the additional goal of the marathon will help keep me motivated and on a healthier track.

I’m going to look into an enema kit this week. I have a feeling that once I get over the initial ‘hello you’re giving yourself an enema crazy girl’ feeling that I’ll be able to appreciate the benefits.


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