actual conversation today…

So everyone at work knows about my fast. They see me drinking my tomato juice on my break and know that I’ve only been having the occasional black decaf aside from teas. Its not been too much of a problem, I’ve gotten to educate and answer a lot of questions, but sometimes, folks just dont get it. Tonight I was at a restaurant(for a friend’s bday) and enjoying my hot water with lemon and a few questions came up…here’s the gist of the conversation:

-how many more days do you have?
–my last day is thursday, I’ll head back to solids on friday
-you must be excited!
–definitely! I feel great and I have my whole superbowl snack planned!
-really? what sort of goodies are you going to have?
–I’m making some guacamole stuffed tomatoes and marinated portobello mushrooms
-ok…that still sounds really healthy though…
–it is, but its delish and I’m looking forward to it.
-ok…but dont you want to indulge in something?
–what do you think I’m doing? I LOVE marinated mushrooms!
-you’re not going to have nachos with cheese and salsa? that’s pretty healthy…
–well, the salsa is ok, if I make it, but the cheese and chips would probably make me ill.
-oh. so are you always going to be like this? *looks doubtfully at me*
–I hope so!

I learned that with some things, ya gotta just lead by example…


Good morning Day 27

Day 27, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I could do this fast longer, no doubt. And its not that I dont enjoy it. On the contrary, I’ve gotten into a nice little routine and juicing fits into my life quite nicely. I have no problem with the social pressures of eating(and eating crap at times). I went to a birthday party yesterday and passed up both pizza and carvel ice cream cake(my favorite). I havent been hit by the ‘just gotta chew something’ blues, and my hunger has only just started to return in little bits here and there. I’m ready, however, to move on. To get to the next phase of my health and all the challenges it will bring.

I’m inspired to start eating again, and finding really nutritious an nourishing goodies that I hadnt heard of before. The natural food store I travel to down at the beach is like a trip to disney land for me. They have all kinds of raw goodies and fabulous produce. Yesterday I picked up some yummy looking raw sauerkraut that will be my first meal, dinner on Friday night.

My next goal is auditions for a musical, coming up in a couple weeks. I want to retain the vitality and energy that I’ve gained through this fast, so I’m going to work to stay 100% raw(aside from two preplanned days) until then.

But first, the next few days. I think I was liver detoxing last night, I had some crazy dreams that had my adrenaline really pumping. Seeing that the liver has to process hormones, I’m guessing a bunch got dumped yesterday. My 6mile run yesterday was almost easy! To the point that I want to retrace the route with my car because it felt too short. Woo hoo! With this reenergized body, the 1/2 marathon will be far easier to accomplish than the last one. Though I’d give anything to run on the 7mile trail on Ramstein AB again. I love the flatness of this area when it comes to running, but the challenges of the valleys on that trail really let me feel the accomplishment!


Awesome day!

Yesterday was probably the best day of this whole cleanse. I had soooo much energy I got accused of relapsing and hitting the espresso by more than one person. I was literally pinging off the walls. My mood was fabulous. Couldnt find anyone to go out with last night, so I went out by myself for some karaoke and was nabbed as soon as I walked in the door and complimented about my great smile and personality. I just felt great! I really believe since I started with the lower bowel tonic and am starting to be more regular and cleanse more effectively, my body has improved by leaps and bounds. Oh, and I can BREATHE! December was such a congested month for me, it seemed like my nose was always stuffed up. This I blame on the 1-2 dairy drinks I had a week. That should be a public service announcement or something. YOU CAN CRAP UP YOUR BODY WITH DAIRY SOOOO EASILY! I dont ever want to feel like that again. I am empowered now, the transformation over the past 25 days is just insane. Totally a different person in this body, and I’m going to be fiercely protective of this new me!

Oh, and another realization….this whole time, I didnt chew a single piece of gum. Amazing for me, right? My hubby always says I should have stock in Dentene Ice gum because of how many packs I go through in a week. I was reading something about the chewing action getting the digestive juices going and sparking digestion, so I decided to try it without. I think its really made a HUGE difference. I dont have the massive desire to chew something, like a lot of folks do. I dont have to deal with the bloat from excess air that chewing gum causes. And my digestive system has truly gotten to REST, most importantly. Yay!


One more detox crisis…

Ok, so day 23 here, I’m in the home stretch! And of course my body wants to make sure I’m cleansed. I’m detoxing nicely now, unfortunately its chosen exit route from my body is my skin. My face is all mottled complexion, and I have a few pimples here and there. Annoying, but I can live with it. The rest of me feels GREAT! I’ve entered into that high energy phase, I’m needing less sleep(except on my long run days), and overall I have this inner stillness, a wonderful sense of centeredness….if that’s a word, lol. One bonus I’ve discovered is I can crochet all day without my wrists acting up. That’s HUGE! Especially since I have 3 more blankets to do in the next coming month or so. My tendonitis is quieted, that in itself is a big incentive to continue on a path of wellness.

Oh, and I noticed the other day, my feet have shrunk. My work shoes, which fit nicely with my sport socks, had to be tightened through the entire lacing. I’m guessing I was holding a ton of fluid/toxic material. I dont have the pains I was having after standing on my feet at work all day, either. WHY DOESNT EVERYONE DO THIS AND REAP THE REWARDS???

Bring it on!

Day 22

Done.  No sweat!  I discovered a simple and yummy juice tonight, grapefruit & romaine.  The lettuce really cuts the sour/tartness of the grapefruit really well.  Yay! New juices!

 So its pretty much a waiting game now…8 days to go, let the body clean itself up a little more.  Right now my skin is breaking out, not sure if that’s detox or impending PMS.  Perhaps a little of both.  I’ll wait it out and see.  At least I’m getting my bowels to start behaving.  After the beet/carrot/apple/pear juice last night, the prune juice this morning, and Dr. Christopher’s LB, things were starting to move today.  Lots of unwelcome mucus.  I was headachey all day, but I think that’s because I kicked my body into another level of cleanse.  I can deal.

My main thought is ‘what will I break my fast with?’.  I’m thinking a nice little bowl of sauerkraut.  Heaven knows after 4 years in Germany, I’m in love with the stuff.  What do you think Ms. Rawesome?  Any other suggestions?

Discovered a new website for post-cleanse support and community.  Check it out!



Day 21

Morning time here on day 21 and all is well. I’ve taken to 8oz of prune juice in the morning to try to help the elimination issues. (TMI FOLLOWS)I think my body is on the verge of breaking loose some really toxic stuff, and that’s backing things up a bit. Did an enema yesterday and it was just foul what came out of me. The massage on Saturday has definitely been beneficial, I feel like things have been reawakened a little.(END OF TMI) For the last week I’m going to start taking Dr. Christopher’s LB Formula to help strengthen and tone the bowel and get peristalsis back up to par. That’s part of my transistion into phase two of ‘Take care of Tdee’.

I dont think I’ll be doing the 10 day juice feast I was originally contemplating. Life’s about to get a lot busier, and I’m having a tough time getting 2qts in as it is. I’m being realistic. So I’m going to go 100%raw for another week, then shoot for about 80% or so until auditions on the 17th, just to maintain my energy levels and vitality. Weighed in the other day, I’m down to 196, so approx 12lbs lost(not sure since I never had an initial weigh in). I’m starting to include weight training into my exercise routine so that I can jump back in once Im done fasting full force and not have all the discouraging muscle soreness.

I’m looking forward to trying new things when I get done with the fast, been reading lots of inspiring stories and yummy recipies. Been cooking for the boys A LOT, which they like, to help with my restlessness and need to create. Then I leave the house while they eat, or go upstairs and take a long hot bath or something. So my nose gets to eat a lot, lol!


Day 19!

So, this weekend actually went really well. I made juice for the 4 1/2 hour road trip, to have when we stopped for dinner for the boys. No problem there. Got to mom’s and had some tea and all was well. Saturday I started the day with a great session with my friend who’s a massage therapist. I’m feeling much better, and although I still have elimination issues, I can definitely feel some stimulation after all the deep tissue work and reiki she did for me. Going to tackle the issue with some prune juice the next few days. So I got home, had some tomato juice, and relaxed with my niece til the dinner. Went, had my green tea and a glass of perrier with lime, and enjoyed the hibachi show. Everything smelled good, but I wasnt hungry, and I registered that, so I didnt need to eat. This is a HUGE accomplishment for me. Went home last night and made romaine/apple/carrot juice in mom’s juicer. Today we went out for breakfast to the local truckstop(its a tradition) and I did fine too. That wasnt nearly a challenge because it is quite the greasy spoon anyway. Though Bob did order a yummy looking potato/onion/pepper smash that I might have to try somewhere down the road…way down the road, lol. After all my good behavior I rewarded myself with a decaf coffee at my favorite bohemian coffee shop and read some natural living publishings. Then I went to the fabulous health food store mom has nearby and got some great looking orange beets and carrots for this week, and some precut organic pineapple/strawberry mixes that I juiced for my ride back tonight. And then I hit the juice bar(yay!) and had my first taste of wheatgrass in a carrot/beet/celery/green apple juice. Not bad, but I can understand why folks only drink it in 1oz shots!

So I’m very proud of my handling of what could have been a disastrous situation. Mom was very impressed and inspired, which is always good, since she desparately needs some cleansing. I think this fast I’ve definitely been able to do a lot more inner work than I was capable of last year. For the most part that’s been a great thing, but of course, the more you clean up the insides, the more stuff you discover that needs cleansing. This has led to a lot of emotional/mental work for me, but I think I can handle the challenge. Physically, the mucus in my chest is finally coming free in coughs and my tongue/teeth are eternally coated. If it means I’m healthier when its through, so be it. I can easily do this for 11 more days! Bring it on!



Ok, testing this again…

this weekend is going to be my toughest challenge. I’m going to my mother’s for the weekend. The good thing is, she has a juicer, so I’ll be able to juice. The bad news? We’re going out to dinner for her birthday, and she wants to go to japanese, which means sushi. And we know how much I love sushi. Fortunately, a close friend of mine is fasting too, and she’ll be going with us. So we’ll let mom have a great time and sit back with our green tea.


Firechild – Day 13

Day 13, almost halfway through, yay! This weekend was an interesting one detox wise. My energy is ok, probably at a ‘normal’ person’s level, not really back up to mine though. Friday and Saturday I was dealing with HUGE emotional detox, I was a very volatile person to be around! I think I ran that out of my system yesterday though. Though last night I had a lot of indigestion and heartburn. Today I woke up with more classic signs, crusty eyes and that looming tickle in my throat. And it took every ounce of willpower to get out of bed, even though I got a good 7 1/2 hours last night. Its going to be a fun day at work, lol.
I’m still having problems with elimination. That’s my eternal curse. I think that’s the main reason the I only dropped 3lbs this week. I finally got an enema kit on friday and tried it. It worked ok, I guess. How long are you supposed to try to keep liquids in for? I’m going to stop by the store and pick up some laxative tea. At least for a little while to get things moving. The last thing I want is a rotten bowel in a clean body!


Firechild – Day 9

Day 9 here. Having a low energy day. Came home from work and passed out on the couch for a power nap before the kids got home. I have a fully coated tongue to deal with today, yummy, and my eyes are gooey. And my hands are ice. Well, I know, it cant all be big energy and fun and games. The body’s gotta cleanse, after all. I’m taking it easy though…no run, I’ll wait til tomorrow. So tonight is homework videos and crochet evening, and I’ll probably call it by 11, rather than 1230. Pretty close to my 2qts today, tomato at work, then 1qt of carrot/apple/celery/romaine this afternoon. I have a melon/berry fruit cup that I’m going to juice up in a little bit for my last 1/2 qt. I’m doing something right!


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