Day 18

Well – I have come to a decision today about the length and purpose of my feast. I will be going to 30 days rather than 60. If at 30 days, I feel I want to go longer, then I will extend it a few days or a week. I’ve been asking my body if I am done with the cleanse and as I mentioned in a recent post, the signs suggest I am. I will go for my regular yearly 30 days and will eat raw foods afterwards. My hunger has returned and a sudden increase in the symptoms of Dermatomyositis has occured. The bumps I get on my hands are commonly found on all joints, including the knees, elbows and toes. During the past 3 or 4 days, a group of bumps and the purple rash started growing on my left index toe and is starting on the right. This is a first in the several years I’ve had the disease. I’m unsure what this means but it is a bit disenchanting. I realized today, with the help of a dear spiritual friend, perhaps its the ‘spiritual and emotional’ side of the disease I need to work on now. Eating raw foods and having done my yearly cleanse is enough for my body to rebuild but it will not stay away unless I work through the emotional and spiritual lessons behind the disease. So, that is my practice.

I look forward to eating again. I also look forward to this next process of my healing through meditation and loving myself.


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