Day 16

Sorry for the lack of post the past few days but heaps of school work has kept me from wanting to face the computer beyond the necessary lessons.

I woke this morning with little to no redness in my hands. During meditation, I could visualize my DNA was being rewritten and I’m on the road to being disease free. I feel empowerment of food again and look forward to eating lovely raw meals once again.

I am facing some of the signs that suggest I’m ready to return to eating but my mind won’t let me stop prior to my goal of 60 days. For example, hunger. My hunger has returned full force today with incredible stomach growls and all! I have already drank 4 Quarts today and am starting on some orange juice I have leftover from earlier just to add some calories. Another example of being ready to return to foods is the feeling of empowerment over foods. I know I can go back and eat strong again all raw. But – for this moment and the next, I go on.

Today I drank:

24oz water with lemon

1Qt. Watermelon, grape

1Qt. Spinach, celery, parsley, romaine, red oak leaf, carrot, pineapple (seeing as this is my standard green drink every morning – I’m gonna call this my ‘Morning Greens’)

1Qt. Celery, Grape, Lime

1Qt. Pear, Apple, Carrot

20oz coconut water with powdered greens (including alfalfa and barley grass)

orange juice


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