Day 12

I think I’m going through a big ‘stage’ of my cleanse and journey of empowerment over foods. Some of the many signs it may be time to end a juice cleanse and go back to food are lack of the white coating on the tongue; free from body odor; genuine hunger; no longer feeling as passionately about juicing; feeling control over food rather than food controlling you; no longer having solid bowel movements; and many more. I am having several of these ‘signs’ and am at the point of calculating how long I am likely to continue my juice cleanse.

What keeps me juicing is the clearing of several places on my hands and face of symptoms of Dermatomyositis, the autoimmune disease that led me down this path. I have one finger and cuticle base without broken capillaries and severel others with barely a sign. My face is so many shades less red its like looking in the mirror at a different person. Formerly what seemed like a red ring starting from my jaw line and moving up to my face is now just red blotches in certain places on my face. My head still has the sores and at times, it feels pain free; other times, intense itching and swollen.

So many things are looking so much better – and this is what keeps me going!

I have one last note that I won’t elaborate on but I have to say – do enemas while cleansing and as a part of your regular life. Coffee enemas, amongst all the other herbs you can include in the water, are super healing and really do make you ‘feel’ different.


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