Day 7

I’ve had a very productive day. Though still not done with my school work or daily juice quota, I’m sure all will be resolved by bedtime.

Today I drank:

16oz water with lemon

20oz Genmaicha tea

1Qt. Radish, Cucumber, Celery, Spinach, Parsley, Romaine, Carrot, Pineapple

1Qt. Celery, Apple, Coconut water, Rasberry (delicious!)

1Qt. Tangerine, Orange

Working on a Qt. of Apple, carrot

 I bought an enema bag today and will start using it a few times per week. I will also be adding Cascara Sagrada, Hemp oil, and a powdered green to my daily routine.

Over the weekend, I received an email asking how I came about the determination to give everything up to do this cleanse. Many of you may be interested in doing a cleanse but see it as ‘giving up’ something. Until you no longer see it as ‘giving up’ things but ‘gaining’ enormous clarity and health, you are not ready to embark on such a cleanse. Don’t be hard on yourself for that fact. It is just that – a fact. And in the future, you will no longer see it so tough. At that point, you will be ready. This method of thinking goes for all you embark upon; breaking habits, starting new ones, losing weight, starting a new hobby, etc. Be patient with yourself and in your own time, along your own path, you will come into such experiences you’re witnessing others around you accomplish.

But to answer how I came upon this ‘will-power’ to take on such a feast…

Disease was my biggest motivator in 2003 to start a new, healthier way of life. I had ups and downs from then till now but overall, I’ve led a healthier life. All too often, people don’t realize what it feels like to be ‘healthy.’ Whether its being free from strong body odor, as we should be, or free from stuffy noses when we wake, as we should be, the general population are not accustom to feeling this freedom I discovered at certain times during the first couple years after I made my ‘health’ commitment.

I stopped working so hard on my health after breaking my back. It was then I realized how much better I felt before I stopped working on health. In the Fall of 2005, I started school for a degree in Holistic Medicine. This started me towards a deeper understanding of what it means to be healthy. That January I quit many things cold turkey and fasted for the month of January. I went vegetarian afterwards and 100% raw in June of 2006. I ate all raw for a good 8 months or so until my will power started to become less sturdy. I started enjoying some of the ‘healthier’ foods I used to enjoy cooked. While I maintained 80-90% raw, I felt a weakness and wanted that empowerment again. January 2007, I fasted again.

Cleansing the body such as during a fast, presents so much empowerment. You feel dutiful to maintain the clarity and purity you feel afterwards. I have since maintained about 90% raw since then, which will continue to be my goal.

So in amongst that long story is the answer to where I get my will-power from. In January, during my fast, I blogged with a fellow raw fooder who was doing this 92 day juice feast. I wondered how this can be healthy and so I researched it further. I bought her book and decided I will do this someday. While preparing for my yearly January fast, I asked myself ‘what is stopping me from such a journey?’ and no good excuse came forth, so here I am.

At first I wasn’t sure whether my feast would last 30-60 or 60-90 days. I wasn’t sure I could drink that much liquids. As my first week has shown me, I CAN and so I am going for 60-90 days. It is likely to be on the side of 60 rather than 90 because I’ll be going on a cruise in March for my mom’s birthday. When doing a feast or fast, you MUST come off the feast/fast with care. You’ve just cleaned your pipes and organs. Your digestive tract isn’t used to working so you must ‘start it’ up again with time. It is this reason, I may be ending my feast closer to 60 days – so I have enough time to gently eat again before taking a week at sea.


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