congrats on your cleanse! just finishing up as I’m about to start!

21 Days and Finished

I have finished my juice cleanse. For 5 days, or so, I’ve been feeling my body was done with its cleanse, so after much debate, I have returned to the land of eating. My first meal, a tangerine, felt strange while chewing. That evening when I went to bed, I considered returning to my juice cleanse because ‘eating’ didn’t feel as right as I figured it would. But now, a day later, I think I will continue to eat as planned but spend my mornings juicing and eating fruits while saving my heavier meals for lunch or dinner.

I lost a total of 14 pounds which is the low end of healthy for my frame (or so say the doctor charts), but I feel good. The Dermatomyositis is still being worked on emotionally and spiritually while the raw and living foods work on it physically.


Day 19

What a lovely, full day! Worked all day then went Christmas shopping with mom and then off to the hot springs under the full moon for an hour. How rewarding is that?!?

Feeling great about my decision to end my cleanse at the first of the year. Normally, I start my year out fasting but this year, I start it out eating with a whole new empowerment over foods.

Today I drank:

20oz water with lemon

1Qt. Morning Greens

24oz Blueberry, Promegranate

1Qt. Orange Juice

1 Qt. water


Day 18

Well – I have come to a decision today about the length and purpose of my feast. I will be going to 30 days rather than 60. If at 30 days, I feel I want to go longer, then I will extend it a few days or a week. I’ve been asking my body if I am done with the cleanse and as I mentioned in a recent post, the signs suggest I am. I will go for my regular yearly 30 days and will eat raw foods afterwards. My hunger has returned and a sudden increase in the symptoms of Dermatomyositis has occured. The bumps I get on my hands are commonly found on all joints, including the knees, elbows and toes. During the past 3 or 4 days, a group of bumps and the purple rash started growing on my left index toe and is starting on the right. This is a first in the several years I’ve had the disease. I’m unsure what this means but it is a bit disenchanting. I realized today, with the help of a dear spiritual friend, perhaps its the ‘spiritual and emotional’ side of the disease I need to work on now. Eating raw foods and having done my yearly cleanse is enough for my body to rebuild but it will not stay away unless I work through the emotional and spiritual lessons behind the disease. So, that is my practice.

I look forward to eating again. I also look forward to this next process of my healing through meditation and loving myself.


Fact or Myth

I read this British Medical Journal excerpt this morning and wanted to share two of the seven myths with you.


Popular culture is loaded with myths and half-truths. Most are harmless. But when doctors start believing medical myths, perhaps it’s time to worry. 

In the British Medical Journal this week, researchers looked into several common misconceptions, from the belief that a person should drink eight glasses of water per day to the notion that reading in low light ruins your eyesight.

“We got fired up about this because we knew that physicians accepted these beliefs and were passing this information along to their patients,” said Dr. Aaron Carroll, assistant professor of pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine. “And these beliefs are frequently cited in the popular media.”

And so here they are, so that you can inform your doctor:

Myth: We use only 10 percent of our brains.

Fact: Physicians and comedians alike, including Jerry Seinfeld, love to cite this one. It’s sometimes erroneously credited to Albert Einstein. But MRI scans, PET scans and other imaging studies show no dormant areas of the brain, and even viewing individual neurons or cells reveals no inactive areas, the new paper points out. Metabolic studies of how brain cells process chemicals show no nonfunctioning areas. The myth probably originated with self-improvement hucksters in the early 1900s who wanted to convince people that they had yet not reached their full potential, Carroll figures. It also doesn’t jibe with the fact that our other organs run at full tilt.

Myth: You should drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Fact: “There is no medical evidence to suggest that you need that much water,” said Dr. Rachel Vreeman, a pediatrics research fellow at the university and co-author of the journal article. Vreeman thinks this myth can be traced back to a 1945 recommendation from the Nutrition Council that a person consume the equivalent of 8 glasses (64 ounces) of fluid a day. Over the years, “fluid” turned to water. But fruits and vegetables, plus coffee and other liquids, count.


Day 17

Once again, an amazing class tonight with an excellent meditation. I’m learning to ask mySELF for things rather than looking outside for answers. This will be a hard lesson and a great one at the same time.

Today I drank:

1Qt. Morning Greens

1Qt. Celery, Apple, Grape

1Qt. Coconut Water, Orange, Powdered Greens

Here’s to moving back to a gallon tomorrow… CHEERS!

Day 16

Sorry for the lack of post the past few days but heaps of school work has kept me from wanting to face the computer beyond the necessary lessons.

I woke this morning with little to no redness in my hands. During meditation, I could visualize my DNA was being rewritten and I’m on the road to being disease free. I feel empowerment of food again and look forward to eating lovely raw meals once again.

I am facing some of the signs that suggest I’m ready to return to eating but my mind won’t let me stop prior to my goal of 60 days. For example, hunger. My hunger has returned full force today with incredible stomach growls and all! I have already drank 4 Quarts today and am starting on some orange juice I have leftover from earlier just to add some calories. Another example of being ready to return to foods is the feeling of empowerment over foods. I know I can go back and eat strong again all raw. But – for this moment and the next, I go on.

Today I drank:

24oz water with lemon

1Qt. Watermelon, grape

1Qt. Spinach, celery, parsley, romaine, red oak leaf, carrot, pineapple (seeing as this is my standard green drink every morning – I’m gonna call this my ‘Morning Greens’)

1Qt. Celery, Grape, Lime

1Qt. Pear, Apple, Carrot

20oz coconut water with powdered greens (including alfalfa and barley grass)

orange juice


Day 13

I have drank less than one gallon today (and yesterday) and I attribute it to being busy with school studies. Still no good excuse. I will make better of my quantity tonight and tomorrow. What I have included starting yesterday is a veggie broth. Quite lovely addition when its so cold. The yahoo weather suggested it was 26 degrees this morning.

So my veggie broth is VERY alkalizing but not raw. It included:

Potato peel (1/4″ deep)






I will drink some more of it tonight. I think I’ll keep this a regular part of my ‘beyond 1 gallon per day of juices” treat in the evenings to help stay warm and alkalize.


Day 12

I think I’m going through a big ‘stage’ of my cleanse and journey of empowerment over foods. Some of the many signs it may be time to end a juice cleanse and go back to food are lack of the white coating on the tongue; free from body odor; genuine hunger; no longer feeling as passionately about juicing; feeling control over food rather than food controlling you; no longer having solid bowel movements; and many more. I am having several of these ‘signs’ and am at the point of calculating how long I am likely to continue my juice cleanse.

What keeps me juicing is the clearing of several places on my hands and face of symptoms of Dermatomyositis, the autoimmune disease that led me down this path. I have one finger and cuticle base without broken capillaries and severel others with barely a sign. My face is so many shades less red its like looking in the mirror at a different person. Formerly what seemed like a red ring starting from my jaw line and moving up to my face is now just red blotches in certain places on my face. My head still has the sores and at times, it feels pain free; other times, intense itching and swollen.

So many things are looking so much better – and this is what keeps me going!

I have one last note that I won’t elaborate on but I have to say – do enemas while cleansing and as a part of your regular life. Coffee enemas, amongst all the other herbs you can include in the water, are super healing and really do make you ‘feel’ different.


Day 11

Today I drank:

16oz water with lemon

32oz tea- various herbal

1Qt. Spinach, Romaine, Oak Leaf, Celery, Pineapple

1Qt. Orange

1Qt. Carrot, Apple, Spinach

1/2Qt. Orange with powdered greens

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