Few things are as IMPORTANT and DIFFICULT to MAINTAIN as your health.

With all the schools of thought out there concerning your healthcare, the journey of maintaining your health can be a stressful one. It doesn’t have to be! By practicing a Holistic Lifestyle, your mind, body, and spirit live in harmony. This harmony keeps you healthier and happier.

Bare Necessities Cafe is here to help you achieve that harmony. We offer consultations, workshops, and resources on Nutrition, Raw and Living Food, Naturals and Organics, Sustainable Living methods and supplies, Fitness, Meditation, Holistic Medicine, and more!

Enjoy your visit.

Ask questions.

Take advantage of the resources.

And above all – be kind to yourself on this journey.

 What’s New at Bare Necessities Cafe?


Stephanie is beginning The Master Cleanse Tuesday, February 12th for ten days and her mother will be joining her! Click here to view her journey.


Visitor’s Blog. A place for all of you to post your holistic journey.

New Year Resolutions. A place to gain perspective on the new year.